Astelin Nasal Spray
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   Astelin Nasal Spray | Antihistamine Spray

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Understanding Astelin Nasal Sprays

Astelin's chemical formulation is Azelastin hydrocholoride. This is one of the few, safe-to-use, local antihistamines that have been packaged in the nasal-spray format. However, its availability can be a bit demanding since its use for common cold and such minor, medical problems isn't recommended. Mostly, its availability is subject to a medical prescription. It has been found to be most useful for the treatment of allergic rhinitis and seasonal allergic reactions wherein it is able to control the symptoms within minutes of spraying. Its use for treating hay fever has gained global acceptance since it is very effective in controlling the inflammation of the nasal passageways and the eyelids, helping to alleviate the very disturbing, 'itchy' feeling. However, some folks tend to use Astelin as a supplementary asthma medication though its usage in this niche isn't recommended by most physicians.

Popularity of Astelin Nasal Sprays

One reason that has made Astelin more popular than other OTC nasal sprays is its quick effectiveness and the ability to deliver the results without being a steroid or inducing drowsiness that is commonly associated with anti-allergic medications like pseudoephedrine. Astelin is favored over some of the more conventional, oral antihistamines. The basic reason for this is the role played by the direct delivery of the medication within the nasal passages that helps to save upon time that is wasted by taking by taking oral medications that need to tide over the digestive system before producing any substantial results. Further, Astelin is perhaps the only, affordable antihistamine that can also treat symptoms of vasomotor or the non-allergic form of rhinitis. Vasomotor rhinitis has the same symptoms associated with allergic rhinitis but the intensity of these symptoms is much higher and the condition of the patient can worsen, very quickly. This is where the utility of Astelin becomes apparent-apart from being an antihistamine, it also acts as a secondary bronchodilator and to some extent, a masked corticosteroid since it has the ability to relax the lung's bronchial tubes, helping in restoring the normal breathing pattern.
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